Sunday, September 9, 2007

My Newest Cooking System

After playing around with a variety of pots, windscreens, and stoves, this is the one I've finally settled on. It's a multiple-use system where the cookpot also doubles as a mug. At 4.4 oz. and with a capacity of just over 2 cups, it's a light, compact system that's perfect for solo use. If you want a Firelite 550, get one here.


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Anonymous said...

Hi. Are you sure you are using aluminum hardware cloth? That would not last long. It is probably galvanized steel hardware cloth.

Jason Klass said...

Good catch! Yes, it's galvanized steel. Thanks for pointing that out (it was a slip of the tongue). I know galvanized steel is supposedly toxic when heated but the coating burns off after a few uses.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the excellent blog, I have gotten some good ideas from you. I am thinking about making a wood stove, or something like one. I'm thinking about making a stand for my pot out of galvanized steel hardware cloth with a windscreen around it, maybe like the one you showed in your video. Maybe just go with that as I saw a commenter on another of your videos said he cooked with fires inside aluminum foil. The other idea I keep thinking about is making a wood stove out of a large beer can. Do you think that would be strong enough? Thanks again for all the good info.

Jason Klass said...

I think it could be strong enough if you use the right one. Others have made wood stoves out of beer cans.