Sunday, November 4, 2007

Golite Sale A Big Disappointment!

So, I came back from the semi-annual Golite sale in Boulder Saturday empty handed. Granted, I didn't get in line at 6 a.m. on Friday but I was dissappointed that there was nothing I was interested in in my size. I'm a medium but everything was XL or XXL! So, either I have to suck it up and camp outside Golite the night before or gain 200 lbs. to get some deals next time.
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Rocky Thompson said...

It's more likely that the reason you came home empty handed is that GoLite is a confused company that can't decide what it wants to make and all their stuff is garbage anyway.

Jason Klass said...

Don't hold back. C'mon, tell me how you REALLY feel about Golite!

Michael Roberts said...

Funny, whenever I go to a sale , all they have LEFT is Medium stuff..and I'm an XL....maybe we should take each other 's wish list to our respective sales and then