Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Wood Stove on the Way: The Bushwhacker

Jim Falk is at it again! This time, he's come up with a down-draft gasification stove called "The Bushwhacker". It's supposed to be much more efficient and produced less smoke than a typical wood stove without double walls. What's got me so excited about this one though is that it allows you to adjust the air intake and control the flame output. From the pictures, it looks pretty clever.

Like his other designs, the pot supports stow inside the stove for compact storage.

It's not availbale yet but you can get your name on a pre-order list and get an introductory discount here. When I get mine, I'll be sure to post my review.
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samh said...

Sounds like a winner. I'll be curious to see it in action. The adustability of it sounds like it might be a bit over the top for my minimalist desires but the claims of being able to light the stove and just let it burn without babying the fire sound really inviting.

Anonymous said...

The metal cloth supports are perfect but I've found that they need to incorporate a wind screen. If you look at the design of the BB Ultra, you'll follow me.

If this isn't a double wall stove, though from the exterior it looks like it could be, it can't be a DDG. The essential principals are lost. And, in my experience, any adjustment that limits oxygen will increase smoke and soot.

I'm very, very curious to see the final product.

Jason Klass said...

Hey uberkatzen,
It is a double wall and according to Jim, it does need a windscreen. He recomends a tin foil screen or to find natural cover. After I test it out, I'll let you know.

Michael R. said...

It should be pointed out that the BB Ultra still needs a separate windscreen or some other protection to operate at peak efficiency. The device atop the Ultra is not quite enough to block wind all by itself.

The new Bushwhacker looks very interesting and I hope to try one soon myself!

Jason Klass said...

Hi Michael,
I've used the Bushbuddy and you're right. Unless it's a really calm day or you can find a protected area to cook in, then you definitely need a windscreen.

Thomas said...

The post stand (a) looks rather high and (b) you might want to have tin foil wind screen wrapped around the hardware cloth.

You can make pretty much the same stove in an hour or so for $6. I described the Poor Mans Buddy Stove on Practial Backpacking, which is slightly taller and weighs less.

If you want to add the air adjustment for much less weight, just wrap a small piece of tin foil with holes around the air holes and turn it as needed.