Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Cook Kit

So, I've been getting a lot of emails with people referring to cooking systems I no longer use and just wanted to show everyone what I'm using at the moment. This is my "go to" setup for 3 season use. In the winter, I still use my MSR XGK and a large Antigravity Gear pot for snow melting and reliability. Below the video is a list of the contents of my cook kit.

My cook Kit:

1. Backpacking Light 550 Titanium Mug
2. Brawney Towel
3. Tea Light Stove
4. Hardware Cloth Pot Stand
5. Aluminum Tooling Foil Windscreen
6. Mini Bic Lighter
7. Backpacking Light Folding Titanium Spork
8. Mesh Stuff Sack

Total Weight: 4.7 oz.

I carry a contact lens solution fuel bottle in the outside of my pack. For shorter trips like overnighters, a small plastic bottle that fits inside the pot.
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Mungo said...

Interesting. Do you recommend the titanium cookware? I have stainless steel. I like how everything folds up into the cup...


Jason Klass said...

Hi Mungo,
Yes, I like titanium a lot. It's very light compared to Stainless Steel; however, there's one caveat. Titanium isn't very good for cooking because it doesn't transfer heat as well as aluminum. So, if you're actually cooking food in your pot (as opposed to just boiling water like I do), then Aluminum is a better choice. But, if you just boil water for dehydrated meals, coffee, etc, then titanium is the way to go!

samh said...

Jason - Your cookit includes everything but the kitchen... towel... oh wait... it includes that too! Not to mention the best multi-use item ever - a cookpot/coffee mug/whiskey glass! Thanks for another fine video blog.

- Sam

Jason Klass said...

He, he Sam. It looks pretty minimal but I have found this setup has everything I need for most trips. I don't think I'd want to go any smaller than that pot though.

greg said...

I love the compact system you are using. When I take a titanium mug to cook with I also take a small plaatic bowl with lid and cosy to pour the boiling water and meal into. I can then heat coffee with the mug whilst the meal is cooking. You mention freezer bags, I am unfamiliar with this method. Is this a bag instead of the bowl you can pour hot water into? Sounds good as it would be lighter. How do you clean the bag for the next meal? Are they readily available?

Jason Klass said...

Hi greg,
Yes, cooking in a freezer bag is similar to your plastic bowl, only there are no dishes to do! For all the information you ever wanted to know about this style of cooking, check out this website: http://freezerbagcooking.com/

There's you'll find recipies, articles, and techniques about freezer bag cooking. Try it out and let me know what you think!

greg said...

Thanks Jason. Ive just spent a very informative hour on that site.
Im quite new to alcohol stoves but have an AGG one with the central chimney. Would this be more efficient than just the tea light? Its the same principle, ie drop a lighted match into the middle.
I find it easier to use than the stoves that need priming or faffing on with wicks.

Jason Klass said...

Hi Greg,
I have one of those stoves and it's pretty efficient. You can't really compare it to the tea light stove--they're very different animals. The tea light cooks slow and uses little fuel. The AGG stove burns more fuel but is much hotter and boils faster. Also, the tea light is an open burner while the AGG is a pressurized stove. So, it's not too fair to compare. But, you've got a great little stove there for sure!

Russell said...

Hey Jason, do you ever find that the pot is too small for some stuff you want to cook?

robert said...

I tried to order the backpacking light/firelite 550 mug, but I noticed it does not have any handles.
I think your mug in the video had handles. Is this a product change and what do you recommend?