Monday, September 8, 2008

My Gear Closet

C'mon, you KNOW you want to look!

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Anonymous said...

If I were a criminal and if I knew where you lived, your closet would be high on my "places to rob" list. Fortunately for us both, I'm no criminal and you might as well be with Cheney in an undisclosed location. Your rods are safe.

This is just to say that your closet looks great. Color me jealous.

Jason Klass said...

Ha, ha. Thanks! Just in case, I think I'll get an extra dead bolt put on my door. ;)

Eddie said...

Well your drawer solution has now replaced some of the clunky sterilte boxes for gear organization. Great tips and solutions.

cant wait to see ur videos on -alcohol stoves, and clothing choices

hogfarmer said...

Lot's of neat ideas for storage Jason, thanks for sharing! I like the LED light on the stuff sack too.

Anonymous said...

Always enjoy your posts and videos! Also like the little LED attached to the stuff sack of essentials! Gotta get one!

Anonymous said...

I like your tent choices. I can't bear to get rid of the Halfdome, either. I keep thinking I should get a Seedhouse, but my Hubba Hubba rocks the tent world.

Dana said...

Stumbled upon your site from BPL's forum post about your water filtration system. I really like your blog and your closet is definitely packed with great gear! Nice job!

Also, i love my Big Agnes Emerald Mountain SL2. What made you pick the Seedhouse over the EM? The weight difference is negligible considering the dual vestibules on the EM. It's also a bit longer, but i'm a tall person so that's just me.

Also also :) what are your thoughts on the penny stove? I'm thinking of building one but your "Klasslite" has me doubting my need for 5 min boil vs 12. I'm not in a hurry so i might have to borrow your idea!

Thanks for the posts and keep up the good work. Congrats on your engagement.

Jason Klass said...

Hi Dana,
Well, the main reason I didn't get the EM is due to weight. It's almost a full pound heavier and I really don't care about double doors so that wouldn't mitigate the weight for me. Also, the price is considerably more since I got my Seedhouse SL2 for a really good deal.

The Penny stove is OK--I've made a couple of them. One caveat about the Klasslite stove is that you might not like the capacity--as with any tea light stove, it can run out of fuel and you have to refill. I'm working on a new design that's better. Stay tuned.

Philip Werner said...

I'm impressed with your gear organization. My stuff is scattered all over my house and knee deep in my office. Wait until after you get married. Expect entropy. Hah Hah!