Monday, January 19, 2009

Sony Handycam DCR SR-45 Camcorder

Since the untimely demise of my JVC video camera some months ago, I've been stuck using my point & shoot Canon for my most recent videos (which accounts for the poor quality). But today, my new Sony Handycam finally arrived to save the day!
I really prefer hard drive cameras for backpacking since there's nothing to open to change tapes or mini DVDs and allow sand or dirt to sneak inside. The 30 GB capacity should be more than adequate for most of my backpacking trips but it is a hybrid so I can also add a memory card for additional capacity if necessary. One cool thing I like about this camera is that it has infrared so I can take cool Les Stroud style nighttime videos. At 14 ounces, it's certainly not UL but for me, all the features this camera has on board is worth the weight. Hopefully, this will help me take my videos to the next level.
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Mac E said...

Hi Jason, I see it records mpeg2 but does it save the files as .mod?

Jason Klass said...

Hi Mac,
Nope, it saves as MPEG.

Mac E said...

Hi Jason,
thanks, look forward to hearing how it performs.

Lou said...

Jason - I'm curious as to how you carry your camera gear when you're on the trail - like what kind of camera case, worn where, etc.

Jason Klass said...

Hi Lou!
Actually, I don't carry a case. I just keep in in a ziplock bag. If I think I might use it while on the trail, it goes in a side pocket. If I think I won't use it until after I reach camp, I keep it inside the pack. How do you carry yours?

tongun6 said...

Hi, Jason, how you deal with inclement weather with this camerea? is it weathher proof?