Monday, July 20, 2009

TOP SECRET: Gossamer Gear Rain Covers

After a harrowing mission, I was able to steal some of the latest prototypes from the Gossamer Gear Laboratories. Here's a sneak preview:
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Mark McLauchlin said...

Man, Jason that is too funny. Good work as usual

Chris said...

I agree about the second design trumping the first, but both require more fussing around than I'm used to doing. When I'm all strapped into the pack, I prefer to not take it off at all. If my hiking buddy could quickly stretch the cover over my bag without removing it from my back, that would be my holy-backpack-cover grail. I think these already exist, but I've never used one.

Of course, most people probably have more patience than I do and will take a couple of minutes to stop hiking and suit up.

Great review as always!

Holdfast said...

Thank you Jason for brightening up my morning!

Interesting product. The second one is definitely the better design.

Hendrik M said...

2nd beats 1st design, though I still don't see myself using it. Too much fussing around, and I don't think that I need a protection for the back of the backpack as I am carrying it, and if I am not carrying it its under the Tent.

Still, need to give GG a Thumbs up for coming up with such a innovative piece of equipment, great stuff! Good video as well, Jason =)

Robin said...

You are getting very creative! Funny. Gossamer Gear is doing great things.

BackpackBaseCamp .com

Jason said...

What if the cover attached to the straps and stayed rolled up on the outside of your pack so when it started raining, all you had to pull it down and secure the velcro so it was always "ready to go"? I think that's something they're also considering. I would like to see something like that--something integrated.

Jason Klass said...

Keep in mind it's the first time I've used it. I think if you practiced a few times, I could put it on the pack a lot faster. It's kind of like setting up a tent for the first time.

Some old guy said...

Uh, poncho, anyone?

samh said...

Thanks for the vid, Jason. Now it's time to bring back SurvivorStud!

Jason Klass said...

Wolf Mills is on respite after a bizarre accident involving a heli-kickboxing excursion and a walrus. But he'll be doing a podcast very soon from his hospital bed while he recovers from his injuries so stay tuned.

Jack and Raquel said...

Thanks, very funny review. They both seem too fussy for me. I usually whip out an umbrella till the downpour becomes heavy enough to soak in to the good stuff then go with the "Some Old Guy" approach and put on a poncho.

I am considering the Gossemar Gear pack though. I have an older Granite Gear Vapor Trail. I can't say I'd recommend it. It is falling apart.

Great blog, very informative,