Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How to Custom Fit Aarn Backpacks - Featherlite Freedom

Aarn Packs are known for their comfort due to the front balancing pockets that redistribute weight and align your spine in a more natural position. But they can be a little tricky to set up for maximum comfort. Here are tips to get your Featherlite Freedom pack customized to fit you perfectly. Remember, you only have to do these steps once, then you adjust it like a regular pack with the hip belt, shoulder straps, and load lifters.

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Nielsen Brown said...

Thanks Jason for a useful addition to the Aarn packs advice. I will be interested to see how well they are accepted in the states. Are you trialling one?

Jason Klass said...

I am. I will have a detailed video review soon. Do you have an Aarn pack?

Nielsen Brown said...

Not yet, the distributor in Denmark will not have any till February 2010, and will not likely have the mountain marathon at all. Which one are you trialling?

ATDoodlebug said...

Hi I have an Aarn Featherlite Freedom. I have been meaning to make a video detailing the fitting and all of its features. One thing I would add to the fitting is that you can bend the stays to follow your indivdual contours so you maintain air flow.

Things I would want to include in a review video: how your center of gravity stays the same and how you feel like you are wearing the pack rather than carrying it, the 3d mesh of the back and shoulder straps, how the shoulder straps give with each other, how the chest straps don't constrict breathing as a sternum strap does.

Can you tell I'm sold on the Aarn? I plan to thruhike the At with mine this year.


Jason Klass said...

AT Doodlebug,
Thanks for those ideas. I'll try to include them in my pending review. What sold you most on the Aarn packs?

Jason Klass said...

The Featherlite Freedom

ATDoodlebug said...

For me the biggest difference between an Aarn and other packs is the feeling of wearing the pack rather than carrying it. I don't feel the weight on my shoulders or back AT ALL. I have a chronic pinched nerve in my upper back, regular packs' shoulder straps pull my shoulders back and cause aggravation of the nerve. Keeping a sternum strap tight helps combat this but then inhibits taking full deep breaths.

I am a female and in general we do better with less weight on our upper body and more on lower body. I think the Aarn weight transfer to hips is the best of any pack I've carried.

The way the shoulder straps give with each other is also profoundly different from a regular pack. With the Aarn, you can swing your arms around totally unimpeded.

Jason Klass said...

That's a pretty good reason. The cool thing about Aarn packs is that they are BODY specific, not GENDER specific. So instead of canned sizes, they can be adjusted to fit anyone. Aarn obviously put a LOT of thought into adjustment and custom fit--more than any other pack I've seen.

Anonymous said...

Also lookin forward to the aarn featherlite freedom review. I think its a wonderful pack, since buying one i have never seen a sore shoulder-including extended hikes for weeks. My only change was to replace the included orange drisack in the back with a black contractor bag. This change is probably a result of years of experience with this type of waterproofing, and since it has never failed me, i wont mess with it. Also looking for a smaller replacement for the waterproof front pocket bags as well, if anyone has/knows of a smaller version of a contractor bag with that thick sturty plastic let me know.